The company was founded in 1993 by some entrepreneurs one of which was also a founder of 2ER, Mr. Erol Adıgüzel. To facilitate their close involvement - through Turkey - of business opportunities in Turkey and in Islamic countries as well as in Turkic States, of the founders of CEI - Erbil Olcay and Erol Adıgüzel, who individually have in excess of over 30 years experience in their respective fields dealing with international projects - in 1996, have completely bought 2ER Consultancy Project Supervision and Trade Co. Inc. towards facilitating closest cooperation of the two firms.

Their experience (feasibility, planning, design and consultancy) includes all types of trade buildings e.g. civil & electrical-mechanical works, buildings (schools, commercial, social and governmental buildings) heavy construction ports, airports, tunnels, roads, utility works, onshore service buildings, warehouses and port handling equipments. 2ER specializes in the preparation of master planning and feasibility studies, with full cost and financial analysis for commercial and industrial ventures.

The relationship between Engineering, Architecture and Development Consultancy provided by 2ER is management of any construction project which requires effective coordination of multi-disciplinary team of experts where the each one is the specialist in his own field. Consequences must conform the expectations of client as well as to the project specifications, and are completed on time, within the given budget. Project Management Consultancy demands similar skills in extracting performance from an integrated team whose members have different skills and priorities, and whose experience exceeds the requirements laid down in the project terms of reference.

In the field of development projects, 2ER has concentrated its activities on:

  • -Port Master Planning Studies
  • -Breakwater, Wharf, Jetty Design (Water Front Structures)
  • -Coastal Protection Studies (Model and Computer Analysis)
  • -Marine Environmental Studies
  • -Container Terminals and Ports
  • -Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax and Car Carriers Terminals
  • -Iron & Steel Factory Ports
  • -Cruising Terminals
  • -Naval Harbors (for all individual tasks)
  • -Breakwaters
  • -Dredging and Reclamation
  • -Quay and Jetties
  • -Industrial Plants
  • -Community Developments
  • -Commercial Buildings
  • -LPG/LNG Terminals
  • -Airports
  • -Military Structures
  • -Road and Bridges
  • -Tunnels
  • -Underground Utility Works
  • -Shipyards
  • -Warehouses
  • -Prestigious Buildings

Services provided as of pre-bid process are listed below;

1. Project Planning, Master Plan, Feasibility Analysis and Organization

For Contractors, Public and Private Sector Investors: It includes all types of pre-project implementation activities beginning from start-up e.g. planning of the each stage of projects, choosing a concept project, technical and financial feasibility analysis, preparation of the preliminary projects, construction methods, investigating the possible project finance, labor force, machinery and equipment requirements, planning of the construction and management organizations.

2. Contract Drafting and Contract Implementation

For Contractors and Investors: It includes, only if starting from the prequalification, all the services until the contract signing and the services for the implementation of contract articles after signing such as Consultancy, Claim, Time Extension, Price Increase, Negotiation, Joint Venture, International Contracts (FIDIC etc.)

3. Services of Construction Management and Technical Controlling

For Cooperatives, Investors, Private Corporations and Public Institutions: services of construction management and technical controlling on behalf of Contractor.

4. Project Evaluation

For Contractors, Employers and Credit Institutions (Banks): It includes the evaluation of construction projects, their progression phases, expectancies, possible bottlenecks and overcoming methods of these, project and site management, evaluation of the construction system and organization.

5. Evaluation of Construction Company and Construction Sector

For Employers, Creditors, Contractors who are willing to become a shareholder of another company, for Contractors: It includes examination on sectoral basis, specific research, business incubation and evaluation in Turkey and abroad.

6. Consultancy on International Construction Works

For the relevant Contractors and Institutions who do not want to feel sorry later: It includes the basics of Consultancy services for the beginner International Consultants, the ones who have problems and the ones who do not want any problems.

7. Consultancy Services for Foreign Contractors

For Foreign Contractors or Institutions who transact business in Turkey or supply Material, Personnel or Expert Company from Turkey: It includes the Consultancy services in the fields of Turkish materials, equipment, labor market, legal and financial regulations.

Having close relations with International Experts, Engineers and Managers in the four corners of the earth, Consulting Engineers ensure the abovementioned services to be operable ideally.