Buildings and Logistical Plants

Taking the English and American examples into consideration, our company, who provides this service, has organized itself on the purpose of following the same path in our country. Due to our extended network of experience and current data banks complementing each other, our attempt constitutes the working principles of 2ER.

Investors and Contractors in our country, while they are getting service from international Consultancy companies, by supporting the institutions which are organized for evaluating the existing potancial in Turkey, could get a strengthened service with the construction experiences in the expected standards, they could take their steps towards the same level as the foreign institutions.

Founders and employees of 2ER represent the international experience in the realization of medium and large scale investments, with regards to their active practice and management missions either done or will be done for the realization of construction investments over 10 countries in 25 years, starting with the constructions of large scale buildings, without excepting the plants, harbors, dams, tunnels, road constructions and petroleum industry.

This experience is subservient to all construction companies operating both in and out of Turkey and to Investors within the framework of International Consultancy Standards, and 2ER Consulting Engineers, which was established at the international level, is also supported by the network of expertised engineers in their fields.